Global Sourcing Expedition’s Sourcing Service is a cost-effective way to manage your product development importing products from India’s dynamic and vibrant markets.

With our team of sourcing experts with over 100 years of combined experience in Asia, we become your trusted partner in India. We navigate the entire sourcing process for you end-to-end. More importantly, we take responsibility for the quality of your products.

We become your eyes and ears in India. We will ensure you receive high quality products at the right price.

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What Products Can Be Sourced

India offers a huge variety of products, especially in natural materials. Here are some key categories. Click on each product name to learn more about the types of products available.

Who is This Service For

Benefits for Importers

Save Time

Save time by streamlining your import process end-to-end

Cost Efficient

Cost efficient way to maximize your budget and achieve your target cost

Expert Guidance

Expert guidance for product development from industry experts

Stress-free Logistics

Stress-free logistics saves you time for concentrating on other aspects of your business

Stay Informed

Stay informed at every step

Quality Products

We manage the quality of your products

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You're in Control

Our Team

We have cumulative experience of over 100 years in sourcing from Asia. We have visited and dealt with 1000’s of factories, suppliers and helped build successful global brands.

Our area of core expertise extends from vendor identification, product development, sampling, costing, order management, vendor management, production planning, quality control, inspections and more.

Our team has worked with big brands like H&M, Pottery Barn, Superdry, IKEA, Abercrombie & Fitch, Roots Canada among other global brands.

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Customized Solutions for Your Specific Needs

Our do-everything service offers a range of strategic advantages for optimizing your import process. Based on your needs, we develop a personalized, strategic sourcing plan for your company

With our tailored approach, we ensure optimization of your budget –while delivering customized solutions to meet your needs and achieve precise cost targets.

As your committed partners, we ensure the procurement of superior-quality products from India’s dynamic markets. Our service emphasizes transparency at every stage, from supplier identification to streamlined shipping, allowing you to focus on strategic business aspects while we manage the intricacies of logistics.

We maintain a firm grip on your sourcing endeavors through direct supplier engagement, factory visits.

With a proven track record, our seasoned India team has cultivated successful partnerships with industry titans such as H&M, IKEA, and Pottery Barn.

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